Your personal brand, delivered. 


Step into the next level of you. 

Simply put: we create timeless content that is 'on brand' and oriented towards your business goals.  


Starting with our signature 90 second reel and expanding as far as your imagination will allow. We produce mini series, audio or video interview series, vlogs, highlight reels, legacy films, documentaries, and more. Get ready for engaging, cutting edge content that humanizes you in front of your personal and professional audience. 

Did we mention that it only takes one hour of your time?


  • Support busy entrepreneurs and business professionals in bringing their ideas to life

  • Teach them that they can have a personal brand without feeling self-promotional or sales-y

  • Show them that investing in themselves isn't a 'nice to have,' it's a 'must have' of any and all modern business strategies 

The Process



Through an engaging series Q+A, we explore your values, goals, and personal interests.


We plan the details of your individual studio session.

Black car + concierge service guides you every step of the way for your hair, makeup, and studio session.


Together, we build a promotional plan that helps you bring your ideas to life.


Our Values


Meet our Team 

We are a team of business professionals and creatives who believe in personalized production and bringing your best ideas to life. We produce strategic, top of the funnel content that captures the imagination of your friends, clients, colleagues, and followers.  

Tamara Edwards

Client Experience


Eia Scott

Client Experience


Chicago, San Diego, and Washington, D.C.  

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Emily Davis 



Tyler Furlan

Videography/ TFF Productions


Shanna Schwarze



I'm Tamara

In 2017, I took a leap of faith and left my career in the U.S. Congress to pursue something that I thought was even more important: elevating the best ideas of visionary leaders, executives, and founders. 

I went from serving individuals with expansive voices and wide audiences to working with those who had a voice but hadn't figured out exactly how to elevate their message (and when they do, their businesses opportunities would grow). 

To date, I have helped hundreds of solo-entrepreneurs, C-suite professionals, start-up founders, and venture capitalists in sharpening their voice and raising their profile in a way that makes sense for their business goals.