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Tamara Edwards

Founder and CEO

Tamara Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Tamara Edwards & Co., the holding company of several consultative and service-driven entities that foster an environment of business development through the lens of PR and Communications. 

Business, Political, and Civic Leaders — including Family offices, Investors, Venture Capitalists — turn to Tamara as a trusted advisor to concept, build, and develop highly effective visibility initiatives designed to change and shape the landscape of public discourse.

Whether it be finding ways to strengthen America’s national security, maintaining a pulse on cutting-edge technology solutions, or solving real time problems for the American public (such as affordable housing), chances are Tamara is somwehere behind the scenes, threading the needle of visibility, awareness, and lasting change.


In Case You Missed It

A 12-minute documentary short that follows Tamara Edwards, Founder and CEO of Personal Brand in a Box.

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A note from Tamara

TE&Co. was never supposed to be a full fledged personal branding company.


But, when it came to the work we do in the PR realm, it became the best (and most impactful) starting point.


These days, it's a non starter.


I recognize that there are a lot of wonderful personal branding experts out there doing great things; each one with their own unique approach.


For TE&Co. — and now Personal Brand in a Box — it was important to us to be holistic AND meet people where they are at in their business, brands, transitions, etc. and orient the tasks of personal branding towards the vision they had for themselves; the outcomes.


It really goes back to three key factors.


(1) Strategic Positioning 

(2) Tools, Techniques 

(3) Building Awareness


Certainly the 4's, 5's and 6's are unique to the individuals.


Things like (a) productization of services, (b) sales, (c) marketing, (d) building a community, (e) internal visibility, etc.


The best part about this work is that the starting point is a blank slate.

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