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Tamara Edwards

Founder and CEO

The halls of Congress. Boardrooms with some of our country’s most innovative and brilliant minds. Block by block building corporate infrastructure and strategy. Navigating the choppy waters of mergers, acquisitions, change management or crisis.

Name a communications challenge or high-pressure situation, and odds are I’ve probably tackled it over the last decade.

These experiences shaped a unique and multi-faceted approach to strategic communications, personal branding, and public relations — solving problems and growing businesses through the lens of public and media relations, brand storytelling, content production, design, and more -- and it is the foundation I’ve built Personal Brand in a Box upon. 

Simply put: we help our clients raise their profiles in a way that aligns with their business goals.​ 


In Case You Missed It

A 12-minute documentary short that follows Tamara Edwards, Founder and CEO of Personal Brand in a Box.

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