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'For Speakers' was designed to give both aspirational and professional speakers all of the tools, techniques, and training for their signature Speaker Kit — and prepare them to launch, promote, and accelerate their speaking careers.

This Package Includes

On-camera media training,  message development, and video capture.
A bespoke, creatively directed photo and video shoot — complete with a custom speaker video reel. 
A carefully designed, custom, seven-page media kit — includes editorial biography.
A personalized strategic promotional roadmap. 

Unlock your ability to become a great public speaker.


Your Schedule

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Sessions #1-2

  • Understanding Your Goals

  • Zeroing in on Your Key Message

  • Developing your unique Brand Architecture

  • Customizing Your Media Kit  

  • Understanding Your Promotional Needs

Session #3

  • 1:1 Studio Session with Tamara & Production Team:

    • NYFP Photographer

    • Video Production

    • Hair, Makeup, Black Car Transportation  

  • On Camera Media Training

Session #4

  • Review Your Deliverables, Videos, Photos, and Roadmap 

  • Introduction to The Visibility Method

  • Review Next Steps

Invest in yourself

An experience designed to accelerate your Speaking Career. 
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