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Secrets of Success [Accelerator]

Take your woman-owned business to the next level in this twelve month — virtual and in person —  luxury professional development experience. 

In Person

  • Thursday, March 28th 2024 at the Four Seasons Chicago

  • Friday, March 29th 2024 at The Studio Chicago
    End of 2024 Dinner in Chicago — Date TBD



  • Quarterly group Zoom sessions
    Three 1:1's with your Expert Facilitators 


Invest in Your Business

This 12 month, group experience will equip you to:

Increase your sales opportunities
Stay relevant by increase your visibility 
Streamline your business processes
Reduce your stress. 
Expand your professional support network. 
Innovate your business into the now. 
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Imagine joining a dynamic group coaching session and building 1:1 connections that propel you forward on an accelerated journey that actually solves your business challenges.

Together, we will be in community as we explore and unlock the full potential of your business.

This high-energy virtual and in person experience will propel you and your business to new heights. 

Meet your Expert Facilitators.

  • Dawn Huddleston (Left) is an expert Operations Officer and serves as the V.P. at Women Entrepreneurs'​ Secrets of Success (WESOS) where she fosters authentic relationships, collaborates closely with members across the U.S. to ensure that they are resourced, supported, and growing successful businesses.

  • Jean LaVallie (Middle) is the CEO and Founder of Women Entrepreneurs'​ Secrets of Success (WESOS) where she focuses all of her time and energy creating a vibrant culture of collaboration among networks of women entrepreneurs — from small business owners to enterprise and C-level leaders. 

  • Tamara Edwards (Left) is the Founder and CEO of Tamara Edwards & Co., a PR, Communications, and Personal branding consulting company that builds integrated communications strategies that enable visionary founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses to strategically and intentionally raise their profile in a way that aligns with their business goals. 


Together, these three women have served thousands of others in their pursuit of owning and operating healthy businesses and equipping them with the right tools, information, and resources. 

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Invest in your company and save yourself from...

Expensive Coaching Programs / Masterminds / Expensive PR + Personal Branding Agencies / Scope-Driven Consultants / Overbooked Conferences / Dead-End Sales Cycles / One-Way Virtual Programming








Gourmet Lunch