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Mastering the Art of Influence [Accelerator]

Join Laura Cox Kaplan and Tamara Edwards for a two-day professional development ACCELERATOR designed to help you understand, embrace, and master the art of influence.

Together, we will unpack the concept of influence as the driving force for getting what you want — and take steps to begin to elevate our professional profiles to new heights. 


In Person

  • TBD April 2024 at the The Lyle, DC

  • TBD April 2024 @ STUDIO 

Thoughtful programming, designed with you in mind.

This two-day professional development opportunity will equip you to:

Understand, embrace, and leverage your influence.
Begin to take new steps in and direction that is aligned with your personal and professional goals.
Sharpen your interpersonal communications skills.
Take control of your professional profile.
Expand your professional support network. 
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The concept of 'getting what you want' doesn't have to be selfish, coercive, or uncomfortable. In fact, it can be incredibly unselfish, collaborative, and in flow. 

The difference is, how we communicate — and it starts with understanding your own unique ability to influence, lead, and shape outcomes. 

Together and in the company of like-minded professional women, Laura and Tamara will lead a two-day intensive that brings us as individuals and as a collective to new heights. 

This high-energy in person professional development opportunity will propel your life and career to all new heights. 

Laura Cox Kaplan

Motivated by a desire to pay her life’s work forward and to invest in other women, Laura Cox Kaplan recognized the power and potential in sharing stories of how successful women have understood, embraced, and leveraged influence.


She followed her own advice — “understand your fear, but don’t let it stop you” — and She Said/She Said podcast was born. 

Each week, Laura unpacks the concept of influence as the driving force for getting what you want. She brings together compelling storytelling with actionable advice about women’s lives and careers, encouraging thoughtful, authentic perspective that can be difficult to find. 


In addition to her work on She Said / She Said, Laura is a corporate and non-profit board member and advisor, author, and adjunct professor at American University. A frequent speaker and blog contributor, Laura’s work has appeared in many publications, including Fortune Magazine, U.S. News, The Huffington Post, and World Economic Forum Blog. 

Tamara Edwards

Tamara Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Tamara Edwards & Co., a PR, Communications, and Personal Branding consulting company for high potential companies, leaders, and brands. 


Tamara has walked alongside Members of Congress in the halls of Congress, sat in Boardrooms with some of our country’s most innovative and brilliant minds, block by block built C-level corporate infrastructure and strategy — and navigated the choppy waters of mergers, acquisitions, change management or crisis.


 Name a communications challenge or high-pressure situation, and odds are she has probably tackled it over the last decade.

Since launching the production arm of TE&Co., Personal Brand in a Box in the Spring of 2022, Tamara has served over 150 individuals in developing their  personal brand and individual PR strategies to sharpen their executive profiles, stand out in their industries, clarify and communicate your point of view, and streamline their companies external communications. 

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