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The Big Picture [Accelerator]

Become the most compelling communicator that anyone knows in this two-day luxury professional development experience. 

Thursday, February 28th 2024 at the Four Seasons Chicago
Friday, March 1st 2024 at The Studio Chicago

You are not alone.

This two-day, C-level group experience will equip you to:

Discover your unique attributes in the presence of other leaders
Navigate [exactly] how to leverage your leadership style by leveraging communications tools.
Strengthen your ability to clarify & communicate your point of view. Influence change within your organization.

Imagine joining a dynamic group coaching session and building 1:1 connections that propel you forward on an accelerated journey that explores the four P's of leadership:


Together, we will be in community as we explore and unlock the full potential of your leadership, influence, and communication style.

This high-energy, psychologically safe, two-day experience will propel you and your company to new heights. 

You'll also walk away with:

A roadmap to bring your big picture to life — from  communications, leadership, to business strategy.

Brand new, long shelf life communications tools, techniques, and resources. 

Increased clarity and distillation of your key message(s) and a sharpened sense and self awareness and how to deliver.


A customized strategy that considers your time, your bandwidth and your interests AND  saves you time, money, and future headaches. 


How We Deliver It:

Four seasons.jpeg
Studio Set Up
Front of Car


Two days of professional development, community, and immersive activities. 

20 + 3 + 10

  • Expert, real-time media training

  • Custom message development 

  • Editorial Photoshoot (20)

  • On Camera Interview (3)

  • Messaging Prompts (10) Personal "PR" Positioning Strategy 


1:1 Executive Coaching with Francine Lasky

1:1 Session with Tamara Edwards


  • Luxury Conference Amenities @ The Four Seasons Chicago

  • Catered Meals 

  • Private Dinner at Maple and Ash

  • Local Black Car Transportation

  • Hair & Makeup, and more.

Why this approach?

You'll spend two days with high caliber leaders.
Surround yourself with seasoned C-level leaders and executives from across industries who are passionate about their businesses — and are also navigating how to leverage their voice, their best ideas, and their public profile as representatives of their brands. 

Meet your Facilitators.

Francine Lasky (Left) is a natural motivator, a spirited entrepreneur, and an intentional leader.


To date, Francine has served hundreds of C-Level leaders in 1:1, group, and enterprise settings. In all situations, Francine maintains focus on the individual leader — their challenges, their communities, their visions. 


Francine's growth-oriiented leadership style developed early on in her career — having spent 27 years dedicated to the growth in the medical device industry and served in various C-Level leadership positions, including CEO. 

Francine Lasky Enterprise primly serves CEO's and C-Level leaders who:

    • Lead  businesses from 1-500 employees 

    • Earn revenue from 500K to $500M


Tamara Edwards (right) is the Founder and CEO of Tamara Edwards & Co., a PR, Communications, and Personal branding consulting company that builds integrated communications strategies that enable visionary founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses to strategically and intentionally raise their profile in a way that aligns with their business goals. 


Tamara has walked alongside Members of Congress in the halls of Congress, sat in Boardrooms with some of our country’s most innovative and brilliant minds, block by block built C-level corporate infrastructure and strategy — and navigated the choppy waters of mergers, acquisitions, change management or crisis.


 Name a communications challenge or high-pressure situation, and odds are she has probably tackled it over the last decade.

Since launching the production arm of TE&Co., Personal Brand in a Box in the Spring of 2022, Tamara has served over 100 individuals in developing their  personal brand and individual PR strategies to sharpen their executive profiles, stand out in their industries, clarify and communicate your point of view, and streamline their companies external communications. 

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Invest in your company and save yourself from...

Annual Membership Groups / Masterminds / Expensive PR + Personal Branding Agencies / Scope-Driven Consultants / Overbooked Conferences / Dead-End Sales Cycles / One-Way Virtual Programming








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